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The Broken Eye (Lightbringer, #3) As The Old Gods Awaken, The Chromeria Is In A Race To Find Its Lost Prism, The Only Man Who May Be Able To Stop Catastrophe, Gavin Guile But Gavin S Enslaved On A Galley, And When He Finally Escapes, He Finds Himself In Less Than Friendly Hands Without The Ability To Draft Which Has Defined HimMeanwhile, The Color Prince S Army Continues Its Inexorable Advance, Having Swallowed Two Of The Seven Satrapies, They Now Invade The Blood Forest Andross Guile, Thinking His Son Gavin Lost, Tasks His Two Grandsons With Stopping The Advance Kip And His Psychopathic Half Brother Zymun Will Compete For The Ultimate Prize Who Will Become The Next Prism

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    omg dat ending tho

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    The Broken Eye, the third book to the Lightbringer series, read and shelved First things first, it will be really hard to review this book without spoiling anything from the story but I ll do my best, I ll also put spoilers tag when it s necessary I ll keep this review as simple and effective

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    The Broken Eye is an excellent continuation of a wonderful series, fully worthing your attentionDon t judge a man by what he says his ideals are, judge him by what he does Look at what the Color Prince has done They re wrong, Teia They re liars and murderers It doesn t mean everything we do is right It

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    Honestly how am I supposed to wait a whole year for this book to come out I just spent all of this past year waiting for Blinding Knife to come out You know Brent weeks has to be a great author for everyone to be desperate to get his books.AFTER TWO YEARS OF WAITING I HAVE FINALLY READ IT It did take awhile for

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    Yep I might have to re read the previous two books to try to remember what happened on them I should have waited for the series to finish first but Nooooo I could not help readingof Brent Weeks books after the Night Angel series

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    Well at this point I must admit that I think Brent Weeks should have stuck to making this a trilogy I loved the first book and enjoyed the second evenbut this one was only average There was far too much padding and even the action scenes went on and on until they became tedious.Just a few moments ago I looked at the blurb for book

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    Another fun read with likeable characters, interesting plot and a really unique and well developed world This one wasn t quite as good as the last one mostly due to the fact that the plot meandered a bit in comparison but it was still really enjoyable and I m really excited for the final installment Gavin s sections in this one were probably

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    How can people rate a book that has yet to be written

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    5 The BBB BR with Eon Sarah is still going strong When I love a book or series this much, I tend to suck at reviewing it After all, what can I start talking about first And how can I say anything without giving it away And how can I do it any justice As You see, this will be another one of those where I have lost all sense of objectivity and have become all emo

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    I want to make some sense of this book yet, I just finished it so it is going to be an emotional review First and foremost, I am so glad this book focused view spoiler on the Chromaria primarily It was time to knowabout it, to get a better understanding of the political and otherwise powers at stake hide spoiler.I did not have a problem with any character view spoiler be

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