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The Night in Question A MOTHER S HEARTBeing Convicted For A Crime She Hadn T Committed Shattered Julia Tennant S World Losing Her Daughter Broke Her Heart Free At Last, She Faced The Special Agent Who D Sealed Her Fate, And Asked For His Help Max Ross Spoke Coldly, But The Flash Of Heat That Seared Through His Eyes Told Her He Heard Her Plea This Man Had The Strength Of Will Needed To Reclaim Her Child Once She Convinced Him That Someone Else Had Gotten Away With MurderA MAN S STRENGTHHe D Hated Himself For Wanting Her Now Max Would Move Heaven And Earth To Right The Wrong Done To Julia He D Use All His Considerable Skills To Prove Her Innocence And Get Her Daughter Back Though The Cost Might Be His Heart And Soul

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    3 1 2 Stars Two years ago Julia s whole life became a living nightmare when the private plane her husband and brother in law were on exploded As the person who had handed her husband the wrapped package that contained the bomb, Julia had been convicted of four murders What shocked the jury was that had it not been for a tummy upset, Julia s own four year old daughter would have been on th

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    Two stars means okay, but it really wasn t okay I didn t hate it, but I did finish it so I feel that it should be one and a half stars I used to devour Harlequin novels as a teen I found this one laying around and it fit the parameters of a Book Challenge I was taking Wow Um.wow The crime solving plot was interesting It was twisty turning, making you look at all the suspects and casting bl

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