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End Game (Hat Trick, #3) PDF Epub End Game Hat Trick, 3 Author Samantha Wayland Chardonneret.eu Garrick LeBlanc Never Intended To Fall In Love With Two People, But He Has, And Now He Has To Figure Out What To Do About It He Wants To Make Them Happy, But Is Afraid He S Doing Just The Opposite To Make Matters Worse, He S Trapped In New Brunswick Until The End Of The Hockey Season, While His Lovers Are Both In Boston Savannah Morrison Has No One But Herself To Blame For Practically Shoving Her Lover Into The Arms Of Another Man After All, It Was Her Idea That Garrick Take A Lover While They Are Separated For The Season She Loves Garrick With All Her Heart, But How The Hell Is She Going To Share Him With Rhian Rhian Savage Used To Have Such A Simple Life Now He S In Love, His Dreams Of Skating On An NHL Team Are Coming True, And He Keeps Spotting A Strangely Familiar Face In The Crowds To Top It All Off, He Has To See Savannah Every Day He Knows She S Garrick S Real Future, But He Doesn T Have The Balls To Do The Right Thing For All Of Them And End It Until His Life Goes Sideways As Usual Now Rhian Is Alone, Garrick Is Heartbroken, And Savannah The One Person Rhian Figured Would Celebrate His Departure Is Beating Down His Door What The Hell Is Up With That

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    God, the feels this book put me throughmy heart broke over and over again for Rhian, gah I just want to lay on him and hug on him forever This book is really a terrific conclusion to Garrick, Rhian, an...

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    I m just reviewing the whole series on this one since I read them all back to back.For me the series gained momentum as it progressed Each book better than the previous one and this was by far my favorite.I ve never read a triad come together in this fashion and

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    The PremiseIn the final book of the Hat Trick Series, Garrick, Savannah and Rhian have to learn to navigate this new and unexplored territory old timey radio soap announcer voice How do Savannah and Rhian share Garrick How do they feel about each other Who s watch

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    MMF menage I really enjoyed this look at how Garrick and Savannah, and Garrick and Rhian, moved from being two couples with Garrick in the middle, to a threesome Garrick s POV is actually the least seen, and Savannah s the most, so this won t appeal to stric...

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    Loved it I wantI want to find out how the family comes together with his grandfather and how new season will come out and how their relationship will developeThe only small complaint that I had was Rhian s drama did get a little old I did...

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    Loved the series Wish I could just move Rhian in with me and love on him forever I really liked the brothers Samantha could write a bunch of great books about them I hope she does someday also enjoyed the cameos from characters in her other books

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    Generally, I am not a fan of menage since I often find it hard to connect with everyone involved Yeah well, that did not happen with this book I truly connected with each person and the supporting cast as well This was a fun and engaging read that left me with a smile

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    Abso bloody lutely loved this series and was impressed with the story ended.GarrickSavannah and Rhian made a beautiful trouple.Loved it

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    Another Amazing StoryGarrett, Savannah and Rhian are sexy as ever And the family dynamics in the book are great Another must read book by Samantha Wayland

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    Liked this trilogy threesome haha of books quite a lot Maybe just short of five stars for, well, honestly, just not being as good as Home and Away, my favorite from this author.

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