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The Junior Bridesmaid Sixteen Year Old Delilah Welling Never Understood Why Darcy Strong Despised Her So Much Especially Since Their Mothers Had Been Friends For A Lifetime So When Delilah Is Asked To Be The Junior Bridesmaid In Darcy S Wedding, Delilah Is Understandably Surprised And Reluctant To Say Yes Upon Her Mother S Insistence, Delilah Finally Agrees Determined To Look At The Bright Side And There Couldn T Be A Brighter Side Than Hugh Rowen, Aka The Groom Delilah Has Always Been In Love With Hugh And Could Never Understand What A Nice Guy Like Hugh Was Doing With A Wench Like Darcy Before The Wedding, Delilah Discovers That The Bride To Be Is Keeping A Torrid Secret Fearful That She Will Hurt Hugh, She Remains Silent, Going About Her Junior Bridesmaid Duties As PlannedUntilAll Hell Breaks Loose During The Wedding Ceremony Embarrassed And Devastated, Delilah Flees The Wedding But Not Before Hurting The Love Of Her Life Twelve Years Later, Delilah Is And Living A Happy Existence In New York Until One Day When She Receives A Message Addressed To JUNIOR Has Hugh Hunted Her Down Twelve Years Later To Exact Revenge Or Is He In New York For A Different Reason Entirely Either Way, Twelve Years Is A Long Time To Wait To Find Out This Is A Stand Alone Romantic Comedy Meant For Mature Readers Due To Mature Content And Language

About the Author: Amy Baker

When all the craziness of the day is through, writing is where I can be found And, to be honest, I will sometimes close my eyes and pretend I didn t see the mile high stacked laundry basket just so I can escape to my laptop and get some thoughts down on a page If given the choice, I prefer music to television and warm weather to cold And, despite my name, I really don t like to bake.

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    Book The Junior BridesmaidAuthor Amy BakerPublication Date March 2014Type Stand AloneGenre RomanceRating 4 1 2 out of 5 StarsBook provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.ReviewWell, I have to say the beginning of this book was one big side holding laugh I fell in love with 16 year old Delilah and her antics When we get to the point of Delilah at 28 she is such a peach trying to be the sophisticated su

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    Very cute, very funny book about finally having the chance to be with the one person you ve always loved This was quirky, romantic and very enjoyable to read Delilah Welling has been in love with Mathew Rowen forever At 16, she has the misfortune of being part of his wedding party He s marrying her nemesis, the irritating and vicious Darcy Strong Unfortunately Darcy s mom is best friends with Delilah s mom, so being juni

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here A cute novel with a really bad ending As much as I understand why Delilah moved to New York, someone, her best friend, her parents, or her brother should ve reiterated to her that nothing was her fault As for Hugh, he should ve bought her diamond earrings, hell a new car for saving him from a life of misery And that s another thing, if Hugh had feeli

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    This book was a pleasant surprise I had no idea what to expect from this story but I loved it Delilah is so freaking hilarious and independent you can t help but love her Hugh is amazing but can be a giant asshole Stacie needs to be shot and Darcy needs to be slapped a few dozen times The twist and turns the ups and downs of this story keeps plastered to the book Great book and highly recommend This book was a pleasant surprise I had no

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    REVIEWED FOR BIT N BOOK PROMOTERSGoodreads Website I must have missed the synopsis because when I read this, I d expected it to be a teen novel And when it wasn t I was pleasantly surprised I guess the twelve years caption on the cover should have alluded me, but yeah.So, in short, Delilah A.K.A Dee A.K.A Junior to Hugh only when a teen, has to be a bridesmaid for her nemesis Darcy, because their mums are friends She has been assigned the role

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    This is a funny, sometimes laugh out loud, book which I really enjoyed The first portion of the book focuses on 16 year old Delilah This part of the story was, for me, the funniest All I will say is I will never look at chicken fillets the same way again The story quickly jumps forward 12 years Delilah is working hard and living quietly, for the most part She soon finds that the past can never be as buried as she hoped it was, and her life starts on a

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    At 16 years of age a family obligation finds Delilah Welling as a Junior Bridesmaid at the wedding of Hugh Rowan, a friend she has had a crush on her whole life, and Darcy Strong the girl she hates She makes a humiliating blunder at the wedding and her life is subjected to embarrassment and ridicule in her home town She cannot wait to escape small town Virginia and start a new life Twelve years later Delilah has made a name for herself with a great PR firm in

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    Amy Baker has a way of capturing the audiences attention by making you fall in love with her characters I swear, in the beginning of the book, we see Deliliah Dee, aka Junior in all her awkward adolescence I mean, I know I was somewhat like her, but she was all in adolescence in glorified, cringeworthy I had to actually put the book down for a minute or two because I couldn t stand what was going on , awkward beauty It was great.Fast forward twelve years, and she s a

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    I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review 4.5 Hilariously Heartfelt, Laugh Out Loud Stars Wow I don t even know where to start Junior Bridesmaid is the total package It s the perfect mix of witty and heartfelt with a healthy dose of sarcasm Delilah Welling is 16 years old and head over heels in love with the man of her dreams The only problem is he is also the man of Darcy Strong s dreamsand they re getting marriedand Delilah is thei

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    Once again, Baker captivated me with her characters, made me laugh out loud, cry a little, and gasp I ve read all of her work, but fell in love with The Dream Weaver, and haven t looked back since In The Junior Bridesmaid, we meet Delilah the sixteen year old, awkward, flat chested, heroine of this story And while most of the story takes place 12 years later, the first few chapters were epically funny, painting a perfect picture of an embarrassing incident she endures during a weddin

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