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Jillian Megan, Recently Out Of College And Working A Meaningless Job As A Gastroenterologist S Secretary, Openly Hates All Of Her Friends For Being Happy And Successful She Makes Herself Feel Better By Obsessively Critiquing The Behavior Of Her Coworker, Jillian, A Rapid Cycling, Grotesque Optimist, Whose Downfall Is Precipitated By The Purchase Of A Dog.

About the Author: Halle Butler

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Jillian book, this is one of the most wanted Halle Butler author readers around the world.

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    Ok So here s what reading Jillian is like It s like waking up one morning with a stinging hangover and discovering a strange woman wielding a knife in your kitchen She s cutting freezer bagels and has possibly too large of a smile on her face and she tells you a rather funny story about someone she works with at the office, you know The entire time she s holding onto this knife and cutting an endless supply of freezer bagels You thi

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    This is some potent writing I got into the skewed twinning between the focuses on Jillian and Megan, but I think the real skill here is how Bulter keeps you alternating between rooting for and not liking either of these characters It s masterfully done and very moving, even in a normal daily life kind of scenario It definit...

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    Every now and then you pick up a book at random and are completely pleasantly surprised Hovering between 3 and 4 stars, but probably holding back at three for how rotten and sad it made me feel.

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    too close for comfort, painfully sharp dialogue, deliciously loveable unlikeable women characters, and in the last two chapters a beautiful zoom out look at their surroundings that took me by surprise perfect ...

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    The downward spirals are so accurate I started feeling sad and lost toothat is to say, I highly recommend this book

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    This book is sour and bitter and weird and that s why I love it.

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    This book hovers between 3 and 4 stars for me The writing is sharp, and the characters are funny and weird, if a bit unlikeable but I can dig me some unlikeable characters The author does a killer job of nailing the self destructive urges people have when they re spiraling into something dark and can t stop, and the ending, where we focus in on various characters also nearby animals, was a bit of beauty However, I felt like I was with these characters up until the last third of th

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    I expected to like this book, but I didn t find it funny, witty, or even engaging like the other reviewers I honestly can t tell if the author is being experimental and unique, or if she honestly can t write better I felt that it was a cop out to have no transitions and constant flux between POVs There was nothing beautiful or thought provoking, and I cringed with embarrassment at some of the perspectives described at the end I think I would have beenimpressed if the main character had I

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    DISCLAIMER I work for this publisher Jillian is the perfect balance of cruel self loathing, ironic humor and occasional moments of fleeting beauty When it officially comes out I will be recommending it to everyone Butler s close distance from her subjects feels both judgmental and tender, somehow I m not really sure how to explain it I cared so much about the outcome of the two protagonists even as they made horrible, selfish, unbelievable decisions Beautifully biting dialogue A really s DISCLA

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