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Eve Green Pregnant With Her First Child, Eve Green Recalls Her Mother S Death When She Was Eight Years Old And Her Struggle To Make Sense Of Her Parents Mysterious Romantic Past Eve Is Sent To Live With Her Grandparents In Rural Wales, Where She Finds Comfort In Friendships With Daniel, A Quiet Farmhand, And Billy, A Disabled, Reclusive Friend Of Her Mother S When A Ravishing Local Girl Disappears, One Of Eve S Friends Comes Under Suspicion Eve Will Do Everything She Can To Protect Him, But At The Risk Of Complicity In A Matter She Barely Understands This Is A Timeless And Beautifully Told Story About Family Secrets And Unresolved Liaisons.

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    What a gentle story, about love in all it s guises, a child s love for her mother, a grandparents love for a daughters child, the love that comes with friendship, young love Evangeline Green is a wonderful girl who suffers unimaginable grief at a young age She has to endure some tough lessons about life, t

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    I bought this book as a part of Harper Perennial Collection set I didn t even know I had it When I came across the title on my spreadsheet which lists all the books that I own out of which almost 400 are still unread I couldn t recall it all but it looked like the sort of lighter lyrical book one might take on holid

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    Ive read a few of the previous reviews of this book and have to say that i disagree with their comments I think that it is a beautifully written book that must be lauded for being a first time novel The way the story moves so effortlessly from past to present, slowly unravelling its secrets kept me enthralled It is a beguilin

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    I think I don t like this rating system, but I guess you have to have something Eve Green doesn t have the depth of character of Angle of Repose, for instance, nor the precise and beautiful language of Elegance of the Hedgehog This book won the 2004 Whitbread Award for First Novel and deservedly so.Not a love story, it is a story of lo

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    This will sound fanciful and a trifle foolish maybe, but Eve Green dug out all the lonely spots in my heart and turned them upside down for me.

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    Evangeline is barely eight when her single mother dies, forcing a move from Birmingham to her grandparents farm in southwest Wales She quickly forms an alliance with Daniel, her grandfather s farmhand, sixteen years her senior, who will eventually become her romantic partner The locals scorn the 16 year age difference between these two, but the greater cr

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    As twenty nine year old Eve Green prepares for the birth of her child, she thinks back on her own mother and,specifically, on the confusing and emotional year after her mother s sudden death At seven years old, Eve is sent to Wales to live with grandparents she barely knows, and even as she grieves for her mother, she yearns to find outabout her mysterious father A

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    I could not put this one down Spotted it on the library new books This is a first novel and I look forward to manyThis one set in Wales is a story of a young girl who finds herself sent to live with her grandparents in Wales after the sudden death of her mother She is thrust into a whole new life experience with people she has never met before There is a mystery threaded thr

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    It was beautifully written and you can almost feel the countryside and the farm.

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    I loved this book lyrical, gentle writing that conjured up beautiful images of mid Wales scenery Sad at times, but also uplifting.

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