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Broken Trust (Dark Legacy Book, #2) The guys might have won the first battle, but I was going to win the war Title Broken Trust Series Dark Legacy BookAuthor Jaymin EvePublish Date 16, May 2019 Genre Romance, New Adult, High School, Dark Kindle Unlimited My Instagram The second book of the series by Jaymin Eve The story of Railey Jameson to Railey Debois continues as the last book ended in a cliff hanger An Elite high school dark book where there are 4 rich boys and 1 strong female character As Railey s life turned upside down after her parent s death, she faces new challenges and learns about her life that she never knew and encounters with new feelings which betray her Typical fucking males, not using their brains to work out the problem BOOKS IN THIS SERIES 1 BROKEN WINGS2 BROKEN TRUST3 BROKEN LEGACY Broken trust continues and ends in a cliffhanger leaving us curious to know about Railey and along with the 4 guys and how they unfold the truths This book follows and unveils about Delta and betrayals of people whom they trust and shows of Railey and Sebastian as their feelings escalate and they encounter with new ones w EPUB Broken Trust Dark Legacy Book, 2 By Jaymin Eve Terrapin Info.co.uk They Think They Own Me Now They Think They Ve Won, And That I Ll Be Their Good Little Soldier Four Dangerous, Damaged, Messed Up Boys There Used To Be Five, But One Of Them Died, And I M Starting To Suspect He Was Murdered.I Didn T Ask For This No One Would Ask To Be Played, Manipulated, Seduced And Betrayed But That S What Happened, Anyway It Wasn T Enough For Them To Break Me Sebastian Beckett Has Decided That He Can T Let Me Go, But I Refuse To Forgive And Forget His Betrayal So Easily His Fixation Is Bordering On Obsession, But When We Begin To Suspect A Spy Within Delta, There S No Time To Deal With His Feelings Someone Is Selling Us Out, And It S Having A Dire Impact It S Life And Death Hiding Behind Corporate Greed.Let The Battle Begin This Dark Contemporary Romance Features Four Sexy, Dangerous Boys But Is NOT A Reverse Harem. 4.25 Yeah, I need book 3 now. Holy balls, that book was like mind blowing It s very rare for me to love a book so much the dynamics and the friendship the story was just like wow I have no words for this book how great it was I just wish the second book was already out Seriously giving book hangover. This was just badUmmm, where do I begin The problem with this story, despite the glaringly unreal ness of it all is the details.Yes, I realize there are a lot of dark and extremely mature themes to this series, but I mean C MON First off Senators do not have office space at City Hall City Hall is for City Councilmembers and Mayors.The whole attempted gang rape scene sounds like something Tate James cooked up, and I all but had to stop reading this book What hormonal teenager who just lost her parents, got thrown into a brand new world, experienced an unsettling level of betrayal and public embarrassment, was essentially left to fend for herself would not FEEL overwhelmed and unsafe to be around a group of men after being physically assaulted and forced into a classroom and experiences sexual violence at the hands of her peers Yes, she may have not been forcibly raped, but the forcible removal of her clothes and being pinned down and beat upon would leave ANY female scarred Instead the very next day she s back in the arms of the person who betrayed her and was inadvertently responsible for her assault on school grounds which is technically a supposed to be a safe space with mandated reporters The shame in which this portion of the story was handled and how there was no real trigger warning is just plain bad.However I feel the need to say that this has to be a Tate James thing, in one of the Kit Davenport books she was kidnapped, stripped naked and subjected to t 1.5 StarsUnpopular opinion alert.What a fucking disappointment view spoiler The first 20% or so were great I loved that Riley didn t give in and stayed stubborn because I would have done the same Let them grovel.But you know what Her hypocrisy at the end was driving me nuts and I just couldn t respect her any Sure, circumstances were a bit different but why tf did she think it would be okay for her to keep secrets In her own words What happened to no secrets The whole book she stayed passive and when she finally decides to become active she does something totally stupid Decision made she couldn t help but think I knew it was stupid I was well aware I was the fucking moron heroine in the scary movie that deliberately ran away from the highly trained men that cared about her and were trying to protect her Yes, girl, you are a moron I couldn t have said it better And as if saying that would make everything better We don t know if her dumb action will have any consequences because OF fucking COURSE it ends in a cliffhanger But you know what My biggest problem wasn t even the heroine It was the plot.It was so bizarre reading about the events in this book.h gets beaten and nearly raped Ok moving on h gets nearly killed by an assassin, ok next, h gets drugged by her father Alrighty then Everything just got brushed off somehow.I know this is not a stereotypical story Things like this happen in this series But while in book 1 I was still like wtf is going on 9 I don t want to sound rude, butthe hype wasn t worth the wait It diminished what the series success started out to be This book screamed at me the entire time They are just high school kids None of this is possible It s filled with sexist and masoginst stuffI ignored every of those things in the last book because it was such a breath of fresh air and for all intent and purposes was an angst high school drama filled of twist and dready turns that just grips at you and even when you know none of this is real, you still end up loving it But now that we are on the second book and the pedestal is kicked on a notch, I wanted it to be somethingBut, instead all I got was the same stuff just with a little predictability This made the book slightly bit boring for me.That said, it was the continuation of a book I really adored so I couldn t exactly hate it Therefore, the 3.5 stars Now, this is my personal opinion and I m n 4 Unconditional stars We are a family You re just delaying the inevitable The five of us, that is meant to fucking be NOTE This is NOT a reverse harem story OMG What shits are happening to this book Everything had turned upside down You really don t know what is happening in here Everything are fucked up Who will you trust after all when everything is trembling down UGHHHHH I NEED the next and final book I NEED some answers, damn it Nothing and nobody is at it seems and i want for the masks has to pull downThat s so fucked up This whole world you live in, it s totally fucked upThis book picked up exactly from the moment that the previous book left us Riley is broken from the Delta heirs s betrayal and she is refusing to have anything to do with them..Unfortunately for her, they are not from those guys that are backing up so easily Riley is one of them now and they will be always by her side, even though she doesn t stand looking at them at the momentMy heart hurt so badly, like the fucking thing had been stabbed and was slowly dying It was so much than the fact I d had to kill someone I d lost four guys who I d been counting as friends as than friends FamilyRiley is furious and heartbroken with them, especia

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