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Król actual rating 4.5not as great as drach, but still amazing last 70 pages were a real emotional roller coaster. Bernsztajn sees Szapiro as a man fighting both to save Warsaw and to rule it But Twardoch does not romanticize the gangster no one comes out of this book with clean hands Alongside the gritty tone, Twardoch imbues every page with an irresistible sense of style clothing, cars, guns, blood, and sex are all described in intricate, loving detail The effect is Tarantino esque, artfully reshaping excess into an uncanny beauty Sean Gasper ByeThis book was reviewed in the May 2017 issue of World Literature Today magazine Read the full review by visiting our website Heart wrenching, dark and violent, The King of Warsaw is a beautiful piece of literary fiction As a reviewer, I must talk about the trigger warnings before recommending this book Violence, sexual abuse, murder, hate crimes and dismembering of bodies are mentioned throughout the story If this isn t something you like to read in a lit fic, think twice before reading this book Read this book for the story read it for the emotional turmoil described here Read it to get a picture of how life was in Poland before Hitler s wrath.Twardoch is a brilliant author and I really like the way every emotion in this story is described The dialogues and the character portrayal simply wonderful.I did not see the twist coming That was, so very unexpected Magda and Mojzesz I believe a translated work is either a hit or a miss and this solely depends on the translator So, in this case, the translation was surely a hit Kudos to the translator Sean Gasper Bye for such a wonderful job. Book Review The King of WarsawAuthor Szczepan Twardoch Translated from Polish by Sean Gasper ByePublisher CrossingPublication Date April 21, 2020Review Date February 6, 2020I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.From the blurb A city ignited by hate A man in thrall to power The ferociously original award winning bestseller by Poland s literary phenomenon his first to be translated into English.It s 1937 Poland is about to catch fire.In the boxing ring, Jakub Szapiro commands respect, revered as a hero by the Jewish community Outside, he instills fear as he muscles through Warsaw as enforcer for a powerful crime lord Murder and intimidation have their rewards He revels in luxury, spends lavishly, and indulges in all the pleasures that barbarity offers For a man battling to be king of the underworld, life is good Especially when it s a frightening time to be alive.Hitler is rising Fascism is escalating As a specter of violence hangs over Poland like a black cloud, its marginalized and vilified Jewish population hopes for a promise of sanctuary in Palestine Jakub isn t blind to the changing tide What s unimaginable to him is abandoning the city he feels destined to rule With the raging instincts that guide him in the ring and on the streets, Jakub feels untouchable He must maintain the order he knows even as a new world order threatens to consume him What an extraordinary, incredible, gorgeous novel I wish I could read Polish, as this is the author s first book translated into English, and I want to read everything he has written I imagine that this book will rocket to the top of best seller charts.Every aspect of this book is perfection There is a big surprise is the plot around 2 3 of the way through As least, it caught me by surprise The language, the imagery is so eloquent The characters are so deeply written, and the dialogue is crisp and expressive It IS a VERY dark and violent book, so if knives, and guns, killing and torture are hard for you to stomach, then you will not want to read this But the violence is what was going on in Poland and Europe in the late 1930 s, so it s not just gratuitous violence.This is the work of a master author It is a tragedy, and I cried and cried at the end All of the loss was heartbreaking But, despite the violence and loss, this is a 5 book, extremely highly recommended Really, I am blown away Not often do I have the privilege of reading such a commanding and deep book that is so masterfully written.Thank you to Crossing for allowing me early access to this book Best of luck to Szczepan Twardoch in his writing career My wish is for of his books to be published in English.This review will be posted on NetGalley, Goodreads and netgalley crossing szczepantwardoch poland thekingofwarsaw Twardoch s unique style it mind blowing The story is raw, incredible, but so uncannily down to earth Szczepan Twardoch is, and I don t think I m exaggerating, one of the best writers in history Unfortunately it is hell to translate so not many people will ever know Pity Between Kr l and Morfina I think I ll still choose Morfina. I was happy to see that this book got translated into German since am not fluent in Polish at all My literature Professor recommended to read Twardoch as one of the popular modern writers in Poland.I liked reading this book Twardoch writing lets the reader dive right into the Warsaw of the 1930s The language is rough, but so are the streets that the Jewish boxer Jakub Shapiro and Mojszes Bernstein are walking There are already nationalist tendencies and a very strong anti semit stance in the polish society Twardoch paints this picture very well with the language he uses.The end of this novel gets a bit confusing, since the narrator changes all of a sudden and the complete story takes a different view Suddenly one does not know if Shapiro tries to make amends by telling a different story about the young jewish boy, or if he has a psychological condition which lets him confuse reality and wishful thinking. A City Ignited By Hate A Man In Thrall To Power The Ferociously Original Award Winning Bestseller By Poland S Literary Phenomenon His First To Be Translated Into English It S Poland Is About To Catch FireIn The Boxing Ring, Jakub Szapiro Commands Respect, Revered As A Hero By The Jewish Community Outside, He Instills Fear As He Muscles Through Warsaw As Enforcer For A Powerful Crime Lord Murder And Intimidation Have Their Rewards He Revels In Luxury, Spends Lavishly, And Indulges In All The Pleasures That Barbarity Offers For A Man Battling To Be King Of The Underworld, Life Is Good Especially When It S A Frightening Time To Be AliveHitler Is Rising Fascism Is Escalating As A Specter Of Violence Hangs Over Poland Like A Black Cloud, Its Marginalized And Vilified Jewish Population Hopes For A Promise Of Sanctuary In Palestine Jakub Isn T Blind To The Changing Tide What S Unimaginable To Him Is Abandoning The City He Feels Destined To Rule With The Raging Instincts That Guide Him In The Ring And On The Streets, Jakub Feels Untouchable He Must Maintain The Order He Knows Even As A New World Order Threatens To Consume Him Loved it Great visiualization of those dark times Really makes you feel the trouble those people are in In the end I felt sad for all the characters in the book eventhough they are the worst people you can imagine The book has one of the best twists ever, made me feel sooo confused at times. 3.5 stars Well deserved 5 stars.

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Szczepan Twardoch, ur 1979, pisarz i publicysta Z wykszta cenia socjolog, studiowa socjologi i filozofi na Mi dzywydzia owych Indywidualnych Studiach Humanistycznych na Uniwersytecie l skim w Katowicach Mieszka w Pilchowicach na G rnym l sku.W listopadzie 2012 roku nak adem Wydawnictwa Literackiego ukaza a si powie p.t Morfina, nominowana do Paszportu Polityki 2012.