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Muscletruck and Mítu When Trent Muscletruck, A Young Contractor, Forces Ainara M Tu, An Immigrant Student, Off The Road, Robin Goodfellow Aka Puck, A Fairy From A Midsummer Night S Dream, Conjures A Curse Whereby Muscletruck Must Speak In Iambic Pentameter Until He Saves M Tu From A Danger Which Draws Near All Of This Is A Story Puck Is Telling To Shakespeare And His Gathered Characters In A Limitless Garden Where They Are Spending EternitySpeaking Poetically Upends Muscletruck S Life His Customers Think He Is Mocking Them With His New, Elaborate Speech, While His Employees Believe He Is Possessed By The Devil In An Attempt To Return His Life To Normal, He Reluctantly Tries To Protect M Tu From This Unspecified Danger, But He Only Succeeds In Making Her Life Worse, As He Inadvertently Draws The Attention Of Immigration Officers To Her With Both Their Lives In Turmoil Muscletruck And M Tu Are Drawn Together Into An Adventure They Flee To Sanctuary City, Where New Adventures Populated By Strange Characters Await

About the Author: Stanley Wright

If I were twice the writer I presume,I d spin a fib of glorious gold deedsto make my life seem interesting to you.Yet I, like you, am this earth wandering,a timeless spirit on the present clock,just ticking t ward that moment when the lightcomes to claim me again, all goals wash d,all Me left as just dust and memory.

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