TURBO LIFT best quality, heavy duty, slimline hydraulic bike bench, complete and powder coated in HD racing colours for just £375-00

SIMPSON helmets and visors for cars and bikes from just £249

SIMPSON shoes and safety equipment from just £34-00

CRAFT open helmets and visors for bikes from just £49-00 (jet helmets)

CRAFT full face £99-00 (carbon ‘bandit’ types)

ULTRA VISION tinted/mirrored helmet visor inserts just £6-99

3M Carbon/Kevlar race gloves just £34-00

VEGA dot approved chopper (half) helmets, too cool! just £49-99

WINTINI Italian biker goggles/shades just £19-99

FLAMING RIDDICKS the goggles  Vin Deisel loves! £24-99

SURE SHOT American compressed air sprayers from just £34-99

BEAUTIFUL BILLET tax disc holders just £12-99

NO PARKING! Signs from USA, Dragster/Dragbike parking only etc. £12-99

GIANT Bill Furr, action poster of his T/F Harley just £9-99 Other posters available.

Hundreds of new ‘hero cards’ of top drag teams from the USA just 50 pence each!

ACF 50, the ultimate weather protection for your car or bike from £12-84 per can.

ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS ‘must have’ new DVD’s of the first series £16-99

DRAG RACING videos and DVD’s from Prostar, IHRA, ADBA, Ultimate Power etc. from just £12-99

SANTA POD merchandise including all three of the 2004 season DVD’s from £12-99

PROLONG, Inside the Ride, fun CD of drag race sounds, you have to hear this! Just £7-50

BIG RED MACHINE collectable calendars and great support wear from just £6-00

SHIRLEY MULDOWNY framed film stills and cars from ‘Heart Like a Wheel’

One off, special,  framed and mounted collection of 6 stills from this great movie £399-00, includes limited edition die cast and DVD of the film

ACTION/RC -collectable die cast replicas,

Gorgeous 1/24 dragsters just £49-99

Fantastic 1/24 fuel funny cars just £44-99

Limited range of 1/24 dragsters at just £24-99

A few Pontiac funny cars in display case for just £14-99

Limited pro-stock V-Rod Harleys at just £34-99

Gigantic 1/16 John Force funny’s, fantastic value, 300 parts! Choice of 4 cars, now half price, just £99-00

Fabulous jewels! The front engine dragsters from 1320 just £49-99

Rare 1/64 dragsters and funnies from Corgi just £9-99

Rare 1/64 Corgi transporter rigs and dragsters just £14-99

Giant 1/18 Pittman WILLYS gas-coup just £69-99 one only!

MILESTONES- the very best in high detail, die cast, limited editions!

We have just one Doug Vancil, Top Fuel HD, drag bike. This is now impossible to get anywhere, even e-bay! £250 no offers, sorry but these are a solid investment at any price. First come, first served!

Also from Milestones, huge, 1/16 scale dragsters and funnies, fantastic detail, hand laid fibre-glass bodies, individually numbered, over 300 parts, selling out of their editions fast now, some already unobtainable, the perfect gift at £189-00

AVAILABLE NOW -Don Garlits 1ST. TO 300mph dragster, Brandon Bernstein’s Budweiser dragster, Clay Millican’s new ELVIS dragster.

DUE IN SOON-Scelzi’s awesome HEMI funny car, the MONGOOSE ’57 Chevy funny car and Whit Bazemore’s new RAT FINK funny car. The rest of the Milestones range are available to order from Scotty Cannon to Tony Schumacher (but not Doug Vancil!)

MUSCLE MACHINES those big cartoon’d metal hot-rods, just £19-99 and their 1/18 choppers from Jesse James for just £9-99. Also a few genuine Harley die casts to clear!

S&S beautiful, highly detailed, 1/1 scale working model of championship winning, top-fuel, Harley Davidson, drag bike! The ultimate collectors item! All spares and info needed to run this nitro burner at the strip, just £12,000 The perfect solution to your mid-life crisis! We recommend that you re-enforce your mantle piece before placing it on display! We accept no responsibility for any divorce proceedings subsequent to purchase.

  COOL CLOTHING- large range of jackets, sweat shirts, T shirts, race shirts, baseball caps, beanies, etc. from:-

 NASCAR teams, NHRA, Chase Authentics, Simpson, Nitro Mafia, Orange County Choppers, John Force, King Racing, Aasen Racing, S&S, Red Line Oil, Turbo Ville, Fast cat Racing, Willem Been, Supertwins, Clay Smith Cams, NOS, SCTA Bonneville, Don Vesco, Custom Chrome, the Mean Drag Machine and some great new hooded sweats from Voodoo Tribe!

Please e-mail us for details or to arrange a shopping trip before Christmas.