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One Dog and His Boy Eva Ibbotson S Final Masterpiece, A Tale Of A Boy And Dog Who Were Meant To Be TogetherAll Hal Had Ever Wanted Was A Dog Never Cries His Mother Think Of The Mess, The Scratch Marks, The Puddles On The Floor But On The Morning Of Hal S Th Birthday, The Unbelievable Happens He S Allowed To Choose A Dog At Easy Pets, A Rent A Pet Agency A Fact His Parents Keep From Him The Moment He Sees The Odd Looking Terrier, He Knows He S Found A Friend For Life But No One Tells Hal That Fleck Must Be Returned When Hal Wakes Up On Monday Morning, Fleck Is Gone If Dog And Boy Are To Stay Together They Ll Have To Run Away From The Renowned Eva Ibbotson Comes A Tale Laced With Humor And Brimming Over With Heart, Stunning In Its Beauty Of The Love Of All Things Dog

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    Eva Ibbotson s books are always delightful, and her children s books are in particular a grand escape for an adult who feels a bit battered by the real world Here we have a lonely little rich boy whose parents can t see why he s upset when the dog they ve rented for one weekend just to give him the dog experience ha

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    I ve been reading this book with my severely disabled brother for a while now We ve been reading a chapter each day and it s been a really pleasant experience It wasn t until recently we even knew he was interested in books but his one to one carer at his new day scheme said he really enjoys story time Using this information

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    I think I may have a new favourite book This is such an elegantly written, touching, funny story I only wish I had written it Hal and Fleck seem perfect for each other the dog and his boy spend a wonderful weekend investigating the smells and sights of the local park But when Monday comes Hal is horrified to discover that his parents h

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    Our three year old daughter named her favorite stuffed dog, pee pee When we got a real dog we wouldn t let her name it that so she called her, Peach Although pee pee would have been a better name Thirteen years I scrubbed up after that darn dog and her pea sized bladder Argh But I digress Most people have dog stories and our family is no excepti

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    The late, great Ibbotson s final novel for kids is a bit of a departure from her usual themes It is essentially realistic fiction and is about the bond between a boy and his dogand some other dogs Hal has longed for nothing in his life like he longs for a dog of his own But his wealthy and tidy parents don t want a messy pet in the house and don t underst

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    I loved loved loved this book This is the story of how beautiful it can be when the right dog is with the right people.My favourite quotes Often and often when you wanted something and then got it, it was a disappointment But having a dog was completely different He d wanted and wanted it and when it happened it was even better than he d thought it would be He d im

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    i like nice round characters that kids can recognize and learn from or gain insight from their behavior, not caricatures of people that kids can t relate to when a character has no redeeming qualities they can be dismissed and when there are so many easily dismissed characters, the story isn t engaging and relevant i love this author so was disappointed by this book.

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    Really enjoyed this, but his negligent parents are despicable until the end The dogs are wonderful

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    A very sweet book which I read because it will be one of my class designated texts for the next school year Ibbotson is a brilliant author who portrays the world without sugar coating ridiculous adult behaviour, corruption, materialism and other things we normally don t represent to our children The adventures of pure hearted and simple Hal who simply doesn t fit in with his well to do wealthy

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    If there werethan five stars, I d be on this forever

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