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The House on the Hill Ebook The House On The Hill Author Elizabeth Laird This Is A Beginner Level Story In A Series Of ELT Readers Comprising A Wide Range Of Titles Some Original And Some Simplified From Modern And Classic Novels, And Designed To Appeal To All Age Groups, Tastes And Cultures The Books Are Divided Into Five Levels Starter Level, With About 300 Basic Words Beginner Level 600 Basic Words Elementary Level 1100 Intermediate Level 1600 And Upper Level 2200 Some Of The Titles Are Also Available On Cassette.

About the Author: Elizabeth Laird

Laird was born in New Zealand in 1943, the fourth of five children Her father was a ship s surgeon both he and Laird s mother were Scottish In 1945, Laird and her family returned to Britain and she grew up in South London, where she was educated at Croydon High School.When she was eighteen, Laird started teaching at a school in Malaysia She decided to continue her adventurous life, even though

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    Paul is a poor young boy fall in love with a rich silly girl, she got married with an old man because she never loved him truely as he believed, but finally he took the right decision and got free from his bleak thoughts.

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    Tko eli u iti engleski, i eli poslu ati skroz jednostavnu pri u preporuka Pri a sama po sebi nije ni ta posebno, ak bih rekla da je vrlo predvidljiva, ali rje nik kojim se spisateljica koristi vrlo je jednostavan i razumljiv, nema nikakvih kompliciranih ili te ko razumljivih rije i Ako ste sasvim solidan poznavatelj engl

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    It was a beautiful summer evening Paul wanted to be write and work for newspaper Paul lived in a small town and he was soon outside in the country Suddenly, he saw the girl She was very beautiful Her name Maria She lived in the big white house Maria was rich, and he was poor Paul and Maria was love The next day, they were meet

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    unexpected end..

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    In his nametakes about 15 minutesand it was about abortive relationship between poor Paul and rich Maria. just it about getting bored. but absolutely I understand this story has written to educate English. not else

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    The story of the house on the hill Paul is a young poor man he dreamed always to be a famous writer Paul lived in a small town One day he met a beautiful girl named maria but Maria was a rich girl and she was living in a big house with her mother Paul and maria fall in love Then paul proposed to maria to marry him She refused After few months M

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    Money is not the only thing that you need As far as appearance and beauty too.

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    I like Paul but I don t like Maria Maria is love only money, I think is love Paul and she marry Paul in the end, but isn t It s simple story.

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    The simple short story about love The young man knows, that love is important than money.

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    lovely sort story to learn English read and listen.

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