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White Teeth At The Center Of This Invigorating Novel Are Two Unlikely Friends, Archie Jones And Samad Iqbal Hapless Veterans Of World War II, Archie And Samad And Their Families Become Agents Of England S Irrevocable Transformation A Second Marriage To Clara Bowden, A Beautiful, Albeit Tooth Challenged, Jamaican Half His Age, Quite Literally Gives Archie A Second Lease On Life, And Produces Irie, A Knowing Child Whose Personality Doesn T Quite Match Her Name Jamaican For No Problem Samad S Late In Life Arranged Marriage He Had To Wait For His Bride To Be Born , Produces Twin Sons Whose Separate Paths Confound Iqbal S Every Effort To Direct Them, And A Renewed, If Selective, Submission To His Islamic Faith Set Against London S Racial And Cultural Tapestry, Venturing Across The Former Empire And Into The Past As It Barrels Toward The Future, White Teeth Revels In The Ecstatic Hodgepodge Of Modern Life, Flirting With Disaster, Confounding Expectations, And Embracing The Comedy Of Daily Existence

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    White Teeth is an expansive, detailed, and beautifully written attempt to encapsulate the social chaos that blossoms at the bridging of generational, national and sexual mindsets It reminds me very much of the freeflowing histories written by Marquez and Allende, as we

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    One star Of course this is not a one star wretched ignominous failure, this is a mighty Dickensian epic about modern Britain But not for me It s a question of tone I have now tried to read this one twice and each time I find I m groaning quietly and grinding my teeth Zadie Smith

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    As many other reviewers have commented, I wanted to like this bookthan I did It approached greatness in many ways the clever and often hilarious dialogue, the quirky characters, the creative family histories, the rich and convincing place descriptions, and so on Despite the strengths of e

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    the wicked lie, that the past is always tense and the future, perfectZadie Smith, White TeethI planned on writing my full review of this book a couple days after I read it in October of 2014 I was afraid, however, if I wrote it immediately it would be too sappy, too indulgent, too full of praise I

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    There are parts of this book fully deserving of unadulterated love and veneration, worthy of 4 stars in the least The fact that the real Indian, Jamaican and Bangladeshi diaspora are reproduced here and not the imagined Indian, Jamaican and Bangladeshi diaspora of white writers too reluctant to put in the re

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    This book started bad for me and just got worse I found the characters to be boring and two dimensional Actually, even worse, the author tried to build up the characters in most cases though doing a poor job, I d say , but then later reduced their roles to caricatures So even those I was inclined to like wound up irri

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    The last time I read a book with this much narrative confidence, power and authority was back in January when I tackled Midnight s Children. It s rare that a book comes with a voice this strong Like Rushdie s novel, Smith creates a present that is pervaded by the past Her characters are very aware of their ancestry, and they re

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    Just because everyone says it s good doesn t make it readable Just because it has an ethnic plot doesn t make it realistic Just because it s about ordinary people doesn t make it believeable And just because I read it only a couple of months ago doesn t make it memorable Three stars because it might have been that good, I ve forgotten al

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    Oh Zadie Smith be still my beating heart I devoured this fabulous novel Smith is truly a master of plot and her ability to capture the voices of each individual character is inspirational Never before have I read a novel which such a rich and diverse dramatis personae I fear that this review is going to become a list of superlatives so I ll quell

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    I m about a decade late to Zadie Smith s White Teeth, one of those books friends recommended or I picked up at the library then put back and moved on to a different title My reticence to read the novel revolved around the plethora of book clubby texts that could best be classified as somewhat patronizing novels about other cultures featuring triumph in the

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